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As a global sports property with high local impact, ROC delivers audience and tangible value to the host promoter.

ROC’s success has been based on bringing together the world’s best competitors, audiences and sponsors, and by understanding our customer. We are now using this keen understanding of the market to expand the ROC portfolio from the simplicity of live sports, to meet the exploding demand for rich, immersive experiences, storytelling, documentary and lifestyle programming etc.


ROC provides its partners with unprecedented access to the superstars of motorsport and to a highly valuable cross-section of enthusiasts and general audiences looking for innovative competition formats and fan engagement.

A Premium Live Sports & Entertainment Experience.

With its format of short, intense heats producing winners and losers every few minutes, and its dynamic platform, ROC engages a valuable global audience of Millennials and Gen Z through strong social media reach and global broadcast coverage; live TV, delayed and highlights programmes on TV and OTT platforms —over 100 million viewers in over 100 countries.

Passionate, educated, highly engaged fans.

Educated and professional, ROC's customer is an avid consumer with influence and spending power with an average
age of 32, 60% male and 70% of fans having university degrees or higher education.  


Premium Live sports & entertainment experience.

Over its history, this premium sporting event has drawn more than 900,000 live spectators and more than 500 million media impressions in the past 7 years. From globally-distribute broadcast productions to its ongoing content creation, ROC has increasingly become a media property, successfully promoting its partners and host market.

Attractive global audience

Source: ROC Mexico 2019, Nielsen Sports report and ROC Social media report.











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Innovative e-Sports competition.

ROC is a bridge between Live and e-Sports.

The eROC competition – ROC's growing eSports platform – is one of the most innovative amateur recruiting tools ever created in motorsports. It provides the unique opportunity for gamers, aspiring racers and any amateur around the world  to earn their competition licenses and their position on the starting line alongside the superstars of motorsports and eSports in less than a year after entering the competition.


From SIM to Live racing.

In search of the next generation of racing talents, eROC merges the virtual and real racing worlds, creating an “America’s Got Talent” of motorsport. In less than a year from entering the competition, the best participants from around the world can qualify for a World Final, with the winner getting the “Golden Ticket” to compete against some of the sport’s best drivers in front
of a global audience.

Engaging with the next generation. 

Partners can use the eROC platform to engage with an attractive young audience year-round by creating local/regional live experiential events using simulators in city center locations, including malls, iconic city squares, other events etc. Everyone setting a time on the ROC Game automatically enters the competition with a chance to win truly “Money Can’t Buy” experiences, including a co-drive in the actual race at World Final and if they are quick enough even qualify for the eRace Of Champions Final.

Brendon Leigh (GBR) and James Baldwin (G

Powerful platform for content creation & activations.

ROC will provide its partners the opportunity for unique media content creation with access to some of the world’s best racers and the possibility for authentic product placement. Innovative content marketing — leveraging the superstar drivers — plays a key role in marketing the event. ROC actively engages audiences, year-round, through all of the major social media platforms.

Experiential marketing. 

ROC provides a wide range of possibilities for partnering brands to engage customers and prospects, through B2B and consumer activations. With unprecedented access to many of the world's top racers, brands can design custom experiences including premium hospitality packages; access to the Drivers Club and private parties; guided VIP tours; and exclusive VIP guest participation in the racing itself, through the ROC Co-Driver Experience™. The tools can also be used to engage members of the media.


Partnerships based on brand alignment.

With its sophisticated positioning, multiple consumer touch points, and variety of options to engage guests in a truly unique experience, ROC offers partners an opportunity for authentic, powerful and efficient integration of its brand and products. ROC controls its media productions, and ensures that all partners are well represented.

Next generation of racers.

Enable the most talented racers and e-racers from your country to compete against the best in the world, Live on global TV. Host can create months of impact combining SIM racing (eROC) with live racing (ROC Factor).  


Both online and physical events will allow amateurs, gamers and aspiring racers to participate and win ROC’s “Money can’t buy experiences” including driving the full blown race cars with and against the best in the world, invitations to the exclusive Drivers parties, etc.. 

ROC's FanFest Car shows.

Before and after the action on the track, FANFEST is an opportunity to stage a “midway” for the local population including exhibits, experiences and entertainment. Next to the ROC stadium venue—with free entry—FANFEST has activities for the whole family. It offers a unique way for a host’s local market and sponsors to interact with fans from all over the world.


ROC provides options for host partners to create exhibition display areas, concerts, car shows, pop-up retail and restaurants, and much more.

Full screen image_ROC London Olympic Sta

Ultime driving experience - Be A Champion.


Launched at the ROC World Final, the Ultimate Driving Experiences can remain in the host market and venue to provide unprecedented racing opportunities to local enthusiasts.


ROC will offer a wide range of premium activities, as guests get behind the wheel of professional simulators as well as real race cars. Fans will get the opportunity to compare their driving skills and lap times to the world’s best drivers by tracking their progress on a live leaderboard.


Participants of the Ultimate Driving Experiences become eligible to win a co-drive with one of the racing heroes at the annual ROC World Final and an invitation to hang out with the stars at the ROC World Final.

Join the world's best at the Race Of Champions.
For more information please contact 

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Team Germany Sebastian Vettel (GER) cele
David Coulthard (GBR) and Sebastian Vett
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