eROC is a new and exciting realm that brings together the best of sim competitions and real world racing. It is the only competition format that can put you in the driver’s seat at the Race Of Champions World Final, in real cars and against some of the biggest superstars in motorsports.
And, everyone who enters eROC has a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience: Co-driving in the actual Race Of Champions with one of the world's best competitors live on global TV.


eROC 2019 Explained

  • Competition opens worldwide on the 5th December.
  • After registering on, you will be directed to download our ROC Installer (under "Your eROC section") that will add bespoke tracks and cars to Assetto Corsa**. 
  • The Launcher will automatically record your best times to place you on a worldwide leaderboard divided into regions (4 regions: Europe, Asia, America & "Australasia, Africa and Middle East").
  • 2 Rounds - "Time Trial" — Each round will be on a different track and car combination and the two fastest drivers from each region will go through to the Qualifier from each rounds (16 drivers total). In addition, the 16 best combined times from Round 1 and 2 will also go through to the Qualifier.
  • Online World Qualifier — the 32 finalists will go head to head, in a ROC style knock out, Live Streamed, with only the winner guaranteed a ticket to the Race Of Champions in Mexico City. There you will battle against three other sim racers for a seat on Team Sim Racing All Stars, competing in the ROC Nations Cup against some of the best drivers in the world.
Good Luck and be FAST!



* There will be one finalist from the online worldwide qualifier.

** For this edition, gamers will need to have Assetto Corsa installed on their computer to be able to download the eROC launcher.