Past Results

2008 Wembley


ROC Winner     Sébastien Loeb
ROC Finalist     David Coulthard
ROC Semi-Finalists     Andy Priaulx, Carl Edwards
ROC Nations Cup Winners     Germany (Michael Schumacher/Sebastian Vettel)
ROC Nations Cup Finalists    Scandinavia (Mattias Ekström/Tom Kristensen)


Sébastien Loeb took his third Race Of Champions title, bringing him within one of the all-time record, after a tight victory over David Coulthard at Wembley.Coulthard took Loeb to the deciding third heat of the Grand Final but the Frenchman prevailed by just three tenths of a second. 

Loeb had defeated WTCC great Andy Priaulx in the semi-final – after the Britonhad delighted the home crowd by beating reigning champion Mattias Ekström a round earlier. Coulthard disposed of American NASCAR star Carl Edwards – the conqueror of no less than Michael Schumacher – in the other semi-final. 

In the ROC Nations Cup, Team Germany’s Schumacher and Sebastian Vettelkept up their fine run of success, defeating Team Scandinavia’s Ekström and Tom Kristensen to retain the title they had won at Wembley a year earlier.

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