ROC Nations Cup

The ROC Nations Cup aims to decide the fastest country on Earth. Featured at the Race Of Champions since 1999, it was the first motor sport event for teams based on nationality. 

Drivers team up with their fellow countrymen in pairs. Each driver initially has one race against a driver from the opposing team, competing head-to-head in identical cars as in the individual Race Of Champions. If the score is tied at 1-1, the two winning drivers battle it out in a play-off to see which team emerges victorious. 

The ROC Nations Cup now features a group stage in which nations race against every other nation in their group, with the four most successful teams progressing to the knockout semi-finals. 

Germany’s Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel won a record sixth straight ROC Nations Cup title at Bangkok in 2012, adding to their previous triumphs in London, Beijing and Düsseldorf.

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