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This past year has been wrought with negative news. Many individuals have been forced to examine exactly what they are looking for especially at a time when jobs are being lost and net custom term paper worth is decreasing. For some individuals, it has been a time to enhance their education and change careers. While conducting this self examination, some have determined that what they seek is a balance between their personal and professional lives. If you are amongst this growing group of individuals, there are many careers available that allow you to achieve balance in your life. Here is a look at a few of those options.


Nursing is one of many fields that are projected to grow 23 percent from 2006 to 2016 attributed toward technological advances in patient care, an aging population and more attention on preventative care. The number of nurse specialties has also created demand for jobs.

Those interested in a career in nursing can follow three educational paths. First is the attainment of an write my capstone project associate degree in nursing (ADN). This takes about two to three years and qualifies them for an entry level position. They can then go on to earn their bachelor's of science in nursing (BSN) followed by a master's in nursing (MSN) should they so desire. Clearly, certain nursing specialties will require a more advanced degree.

The percentage of part time Registered Nurses according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is approximately 21 percent. With the high demand for nurses, many hospitals are offering family-friendly work schedules. Additionally, nurses tend to be PayForEssay scheduled in 12 hour shifts so that often they will work three full days and have four off to meet the 40 hour work week. There may be a different type of scheduling if you are working in a health care facility or doctor's office. If you are flexible as to the type of facility you are willing to work at, you may be able to set up a work schedule that works best for your personal needs and wants.

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