COUNTDOWN TO ROC 2015: Race Of Champions in numbers

Fri 20 November 2015

COUNTDOWN TO ROC 2015: Race Of Champions in numbers

COUNTDOWN TO ROC 2015:  Race Of Champions in numbers
  • Find out all the facts and figures about the Race Of Champions ahead of this weekend's ROC 2015 at London's former Olympic Stadium
  • They join champions from Le Mans, IndyCar, Rallycross and Touring Cars in a bid to find the overall ROC ‘Champion of Champions’
  • Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel are among six current F1 drivers in the field for the racing action, to take place on ROC’s all-new pursuit-style track
  • Tickets are available on the door to see all the action at both this evening’s ROC Nations Cup and tomorrow afternoon’s individual Race Of Champions
  • The box office at London’s former Olympic Stadium will be open from 2pm today with prices starting from £24



ROC 2015 in London will be the 27th annual end-of-season Race Of Champions since its first event in Paris in 1988.

London’s former Olympic Stadium is the 12th venue to host the Race Of Champions, following a range of prestigious venues all over the world – including Beijing’s ‘Bird’s Nest’ Olympic Stadium, Bangkok’s National Stadium, London’s Wembley Stadium, Bushy Park Barbados and the Stade de France in Paris.

The Race Of Champions is broadcast in over 180 countries around the world, reaching a potential audience of over 1 billion people.



This will be the first time that the Race Of Champions has used a brand new Olympic cycling-style pursuit format.

The all-new track for ROC 2015 is 565 metres long and 8 metres wide.

The build requires a total of 3,600 tonnes of gravel, 1,350 tonnes of tarmac, 500 tonnes of concrete walls and 6,800 square metres of aluminium plates.

The record for constructing the entire ROC track stands at four days of uninterrupted round-the-clock work, with two further days for decoration, branding and wiring.

The record for dismantling the entire ROC track after the event is 40 hours – but we should beat our record this year as we only have 27 hours to do it!

Race Of Champions drifting car



The Race Of Champions has featured over 200 different drivers in its 27-year history. Between them they have collected a total of...

18 Formula 1 World Championships: Michael Schumacher (7), Alain Prost (4), Sebastian Vettel (4), Fernando Alonso (2) and Jenson Button (1)

15 MotoGP World Championships: Valentino Rossi (7), Mick Doohan (5) and Jorge Lorenzo (3)

37 World Rally Championships: Sébastien Loeb (9), Juha Kankkunen (4), Tommi Makinen (4), Sébastien Ogier (3), Carlos Sainz (2), Marcus Grönholm (2), Walter Röhrl (2), Miki Biasion (2), Timo Salonen (1), Hannu Mikkola (1), Bjorn Waldegård (1), Ari Vatanen (1), Markku Alén (1), Stig Blomqvist (1), Didier Auriol (1), Petter Solberg (1), Colin McRae (1)

The only two World Rally Champions not to compete at the Race Of Champions are 1977 winner Sandro Munari and 2001 champion, the late Richard Burns.



There are a total of 30 cars in the ROC 2015 paddock ready to race this weekend, weighing more than 23 tonnes and producing a total of over 8,500bhp.

The average 0-100kph time of the cars is 3.7 seconds: the Ariel Atom Cup and the ROC Car are joint fastest at 2.9 seconds.

The fastest of all this year’s cars is the Mercedes-AMG GT S (pictured below) with a top speed of 310kph.

Michelin brings 400 tyres to the Race Of Champions – up to 200 of which will be raced over the course of the weekend.

Race Of Champions podium



The closest ever finish to a race came at ROC 2006 in Paris, when TAG Heuer set a still unbeaten world record by measuring a difference of an astonishing 2/10,000ths of a second between winner Mattias Ekström and second-placed Heikki Kovalainen.

Swedish rally great Stig Blomqvist has a record 15 ROC appearances. ‘Mr Le Mans’ Tom Kristensen tops the current drivers with his 14th straight appearance in 2015.

The individual ROC king is France’s Didier Auriol with 4 ‘Champion of Champions’ titles, just ahead of fellow rally ace Sébastien Loeb and DTM racer Mattias Ekström with 3 each.

Team Germany’s Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel have a record 6 victories in the ROC Nations Cup.

The youngest driver appearing at ROC 2015 is Pascal Wehrlein, who is 21 years and one month old.

The oldest driver appearing at ROC 2015 is Mick Doohan, who is 50 years and six months old.

ROC’s ultimate record-breaker may be stunt driver Terry Grant, the current holder of over 20 Guinness World Records – everything from donuts to driving on two wheels to parallel parking. He’ll aim to add yet another this weekend...


Race Of Champions (Saturday November 21)

Round 1

  • José Maria López v Ryan Hunter-Reay – Match A
  • Pascal Wehrlein v Andy Priaulx – Match B
  • Mick Doohan v Bradley Philpot (ROC Factor winner) – Match C
  • Alex Buncombe v Jolyon Palmer – Match D


  • Sebastian Vettel v Petter Solberg
  • Daniel Ricciardo v Nico Hülkenberg
  • Jenson Button v Felipe Massa
  • David Coulthard v Susie Wolff
  • Tom Kristensen v Nelson Piquet Jr
  • Romain Grosjean v Jason Plato
  • Winner Match A (López/Hunter-Reay) v Winner Match B (Wehrlein/Priaulx)
  • Winner Match C (Doohan/Philpot) v Winner Match D (Buncombe/Palmer)


ROC Nations Cup (Friday November 20)

Round 1


  • Team ENGLAND 1 v Team BRAZIL – Match A
  • Andy Priaulx v Nelson Piquet Jr
  • Jason Plato v Felipe Massa

  • Team ALL STARS v Team YOUNG STARS – Match B
  • Tom Kristensen v José Maria López
  • Petter Solberg v Ryan Hunter-Reay



  • Romain Grosjean v Pascal Wehrlein
  • Chris Hoy v Jolyon Palmer

  • Daniel Ricciardo v Sebastian Vettel
  • Mick Doohan v Nico Hülkenberg

  • Team ENGLAND 2 v Team SCOTLAND
  • Alex Buncombe v Susie Wolff
  • Jenson Button v David Coulthard

  • Winner Match A v Winner Match B
  • Priaulx/Piquet Jr v Grosjean/Wehrlein
  • Plato/Massa v Hoy/Palmer

NB Matches in the ROC Nations Cup are best-of-three, with the two winning drivers racing in the third heat if required. After the quarter-finals it’s a straight knockout with further best-of-three matches leading to the semi-finals and the final.


2015 London

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