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Live painting at the 2011 Race Of Champions in Düsseldorf

Thu 24 November 2011

Live painting at the 2011 Race Of Champions in Düsseldorf

Live painting at the 2011 Race Of Champions in Düsseldorf
  • The artist Armin Flossdorf is to paint a racing car image, live and in just a few hours during the 2011 Race Of Champions at Düsseldorf's ESPRIT arena on December 3-4

      The artist Armin Flossdorf will present his Formula 1 Art for the first time at the Race Of Champions in Düsseldorf this year. On December 3-4, 2011, the graphic designer and artist from Aachen will create a live painting of a Race Of Champions motif during the famous race in the Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf. In the space of just a few hours he will make a racing car image appear on the canvas as if by magic. Using the title "All new" (“Alles neu”) Armin Flossdorf is to bring together his most impressive works in an exhibition.

      The artist has been well known for over a decade, particularly within the Formula 1 scene, and his pictures have been signed by motor sports stars such as Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. New in 2011 is the fact that he is now managed by Konrad Klar and Patrick Jonas from Wittlich. The management team achieved success straightaway by expanding his area of activity. After spending recent years travelling exclusively within the Formula 1 scene, Armin Flossdorf entered new territory with his appearances at events such as the ADAC GT Masters, DTM and the World Rally Championships in Trier. Konrad Klar and Patrick Jonas, the two managers from the Mosel region, are now planning a big world tour for Armin Flossdorf in 2012, featuring even the USA and Asia.

      Armin Flossdorf has been working on sports themes for ten years - in particular Formula 1. His main technique is acryllics and pencil on canvas. His interest and close connection to motorsports in general and to Formula 1 in particular naturally lead him to action-paintings of Formula 1 cars. As a consequence racing cars became his objects of preference and most interpreted motive. Soon his "F1-arts" made him well recognized within the motorsport scene. In subsequent years he equipped VIP-Lounges around race tracks, performed his live-paintings and exhibited his art around races and on motorsport events. Therefore his art became part of international motorsport and especially of Formula 1, welcomed by fans and participants. One of his first big supporters within Formula 1 was Jean Todt, who meanwhile has equipped his F1-museum in Paris with various pieces of Armin's art. Now his paintings are spread all over the world in galleries as well as offices and houses of people related to motorsport - drivers, functionaries, fans you name it.

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      Press Contact:Jonas-International-Management; Inh. Patrick Jonas; Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 2; D-54516 Wittlich; Tel: +49/ 6571/ 14 89 922; Fax: +49/ 6571/ 14 89 923; E-Mail:; Web:

      Contact Artist:Armin Flossdorf; Diplom-Designer; Lothringerstr. 95; D- 52070; Aachen;

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