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Frentzen takes on the legends

Thu 01 December 2011

Frentzen takes on the legends

Frentzen takes on the legends
Former Formula 1 championship runner-up Heinz-Harald Frentzen is prepared to take on fierce competition in Sunday's ROC Legends Cup. The three-time grand prix winner with Jordan and Williams took the German press for a guided tour round the Düsseldorf ESPRIT arena on Thursday. He'll be competing against three fellow legends on Sunday, entertaining the audience before the ROC Nations Cup.

“I am ready for action,” says the 41-year-old Düsseldorf local. ”After a long break I did some GT3 racing this year.” Frentzen competed in the German ADAC GT Masters alongside former ski jump champion Sven Hannawald in a Callaway Corvette GT3. He originally raced in Formula 1 for ten years, before moving to DTM and sports cars.

“It's going to be a big challenge,” acknowledges Frentzen. “It's a twisty track and there's little run-off area, so you have to be precise and make no mistakes during the entire run. The smallest error will make the difference. The biggest challenge in the Race Of Champions is jumping from one car into the other. There are a lot of different cars with different behaviour, but it's the same for everybody.”

On Sunday, Frentzen will be fighting it out on track against three other legends of the sport: Hans-Joachim Stuck, Marc Duez and Stig Blomqvist. “Obviously I'm racing against a generation that is a bit older than me, but those guys know what they are doing. They are all good opponents and it will be an interesting competition. I have to watch out for ROC race director Marc Duez, who has test driven all the cars already. He knows all the tricks…”

Frentzen has a clear favourite to become the next Champion of Champions in Sunday's main event: “Sebastian Vettel is in very good shape. He took some more experience from last year so he'll be very hard to beat. But I think many people have a chance to win on this track, so I can't wait to see all the drivers in action.”