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A lap with Timo Glock

Fri 02 December 2011

A lap with Timo Glock

A lap with Timo Glock
Germany's Timo Glock may be a veteran of 74 Formula 1 grands prix, but at the 2011 Race Of Champions the SAT1 Team Germany 2 racer is out of his comfort zone. As one of this year's eight rookies, Glock is up against it to adapt to the track and the wide variety of ROC machinery.

We joined the Marussia Virgin driver on an exhilarating first taste of the VW Scirocco. Without having seen the track or having tried the car before, Glock goes flat out right away, trying to find the limit. “My first impression is that it's quite a difficult car to drive. It's not easy to be quick with it, but in general it's good fun,” the 29-year-old from Lindenfels says.

The ROC stars only get a few minutes of acclimatisation in the eight different cars, adding to the challenge of finding the limit. “We get a very short amount of time to learn the cars and that's a tough challenge. The ROC Car and the RX 150 were really fun to drive and I can't wait to get my hands on the Skoda Fabia S2000!”

Glock is impressed with the track in the Düsseldorf ESPRIT arena, which has been built from scratch in only three full days. “There's quite a lot of grip for a brand-new tarmac and it will improve throughout the weekend,” says Glock, who teams up with DTM star Timo Scheider. “It's a fun event and a good way to end the season. I've got a little feel for the cars now, but of course some of the other guys know them a lot better so we'll see how it goes. I tried to get some info out of Seb and Michael and you can guess what they said: ‘What’s the Race Of Champions? Never been there before…’”

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