MM3 adds the mobile buzz to this year’s Race of Champions

Mon 14 September 2009

MM3 adds the mobile buzz to this year’s Race of Champions

MM3 adds the mobile buzz to this year’s Race of Champions

Swedish mobile marketing company MM3 is supplying state-of-the-art mobile services to add an even greater spectator thrill at this year’s Race Of Champions at Wembley on 14 December. Thanks to MM3’s services, people will be able use their mobile phones to text to win prizes both before and during the event, vote on races, take part in reverse auctions and enjoy true multi-media services such as downloading action videos, images and ringtones from a special mobile website.

IMP has now chosen to work with Swedish based MM3 who will provide a whole range of mobile services to make the day an even more unforgettable one for spectators. Thanks to MM3’s mobile technology, people will gain true interactivity, both with the competitors, the organizers, and even each other. Even before the race day, people will have the chance to win tickets by entering mobile-based competitions.

On race day the company will provide the opportunity for people to win prizes, including sitting as co-driver with one of the star drivers, “Ask the driver” questions via texts onto the big screen, win lots of different prizes throughout the event, and even watch interviews with the drivers on their mobile phones. The large screen will provide lots of interactivity with the racers, as people can ask questions and add comments, participate in contests and voting sessions or even flirt with other people in the crowd.

One of the real market drivers at the event will be the mobile web site. Through the site, spectators can replay the action, download the interviews, buy themes, music and ringtones, and customize their mobile screens with background images of the stars and their cars.

“The Race of Champions is an excellent forum for enhancing people’s experiences through mobile channels.” Comments Ulf Richeberg CEO at MM3. We have used a number of different mobile marketing components to create a unique and engaging experience for fans. All the exciting content and activities produced during ROC demonstrate what people can achieve using the mobile channel as a marketing tool.” Says Ulf.

 “Race of Champions is all about thrill and action for lovers of motor sports. MM3’s technology has enabled us to turn this exciting event into a fully interactive experience where spectators can use their mobile phones to interact with the commentator, the competitors and event organizers,” comments Fredrik Johnsson, CEO of IMP.

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