Chris Hoy to try out Race of Champions circuit ahead of Man vs Machine race

Mon 14 September 2009

Chris Hoy to try out Race of Champions circuit ahead of Man vs Machine race

Chris Hoy to try out Race of Champions circuit ahead of Man vs Machine race

Four times Olympic gold medal winner to test ROC track at Wembley ahead of Man vs Machine challenge

Britain’s Beijing Olympic cycling hero, Chris Hoy, will get the chance to try out the purpose-built Race Of Champions track inside Wembley Stadium as soon as the build is finished, on Wednesday.

Hoy will take on F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton on the track at The Race of Champions this Sunday (Dec 14) in the ultimate test of man against machine.

Hoy, who won three gold medals for cycling in Beijing this summer, will go head to head against Hamilton, the youngest ever F1 champion, in a unique contest on the ROC track.  Hoy will be riding his racing bike, while Hamilton will be at the wheel of a 670bhp McLaren Mercedes SLR.

Ahead of Sunday’s motorsport spectacular, of which the Man vs Machine challenge is an exhibition display, Hoy will get a few test runs on the track.

The Man vs Machine Challenge will be part of the entertainment package at Wembley

ROC organisers have gone to great lengths to level the playing field between car and bike on the tight, twisty ROC track.  Hoy will be given a flying start, while the SLR will start from standing.  There will also be a chicane installed on the bridge, which Hamilton will have to negotiate in the car, but which should not cost Hoy any time.

Official Race of Champions timekeeper, TAG Heuer, will record the finishing times in the Man vs Machine to within 1/10,000 of a second.

Visitors to The Race of Champions will be invited to interact with the event by using their mobile phones to guess who will win the Man vs Machine race, and the time gap between them at the finish line. 

If you think Hoy will win by 1.4528s, for example, you should text: ‘ROC Hoy 1.452’ to 82323 (Cost £1 ea).  The competition can also be entered ahead of The ROC by visiting the event’s mobile website,  The winner of the competition will receive an exclusive TAG Heuer watch, as worn by Lewis Hamilton, and there will be runner-up prizes of ROC merchandise signed by, among others, Hamilton.

Tickets for The Race of Champions are on sale now by calling 0844 412 1743, or online at Adult prices start at £18 and child tickets at £9.

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