Test with Kelly

Thu 26 June 2014

Test with Kelly

Test with Kelly

 Dear ROC Team,

 "Keep Up to Speed" is back for a second edition! Here are the latest updates with what has been going on in the "world of ROC"

  • Event update Bangkok

Planning for the event has been going well.  The cars are on their way since a few weeks and tickets are now on sale on Thai Ticket Major: 

For your information we have attached the preliminary event schedule. However, below is a basic summary of the 2013 event.

Friday 13th December – Driver Practice, Press Conference
Saturday 14th December – ROC Nations Cup
Sunday 15th December – Race Of Champions

N.B: There will be no ROC Asia this year, however there are plans for a ROCK concert on the Saturday & Sunday.

  • New & Old ROC Members…!

This year we are pleased to welcome the following new ROC team members (see photos in attachment):

Shannon Mizell - Broadcast Technical Manager  
Amber Walbeck - Construction & Technical Co-ordinator  
Katie Valkovics - Topeur, Show 
Kate Potts - Account Manager for Michelin  
Matt Johnson - Associate Producer, Show  
Drew Gibson, Patrick Gosling, Chris Singleton -  The new photography team 
Rachel Thomas - Field Producer Luke Valkovics - Batman!!!

We are happy to welcome back the following ROC team members: 

Lindsay Morle - Head of Media & Communications 
Angela Munoz - Topeur, Show
Isabelle Koch - Relationship Manager - Riedel & Thai Sponsors  
Coralie Kunz  - Drivers Co-ordinator  
Olivier Sougne - Paddock Assistant/ Exhibitions   
Theresa Scheidel - Sponsor & Partner Assistant

ROC’s nominated Thai Charity

As you may know ROC supports various charities and this year we will again be supporting ICM (Brain & Spinal Institute) and our local charity for this year’s event will be "Friends n Stuff".

Valks attended the opening of the "Friends n Stuff " shop, workshop and training center. These are entirely funded by ROC via Charity Friends International in Thailand. Attached is a brief summary of what they do and Valks’ first impressions. There will be an opportunity for ROC staff to visit this worthwhile charity during the event – more to follow.

  • “What is … all about?”

In each newsletter we ask a different department manager a few questions. This month we focus on Media & Communications with Lindsay Morle …

- In one sentence what does your department do? “Herd cats”, sort photos, write, distribute, tweet, repeat… 

- Describe your team in one word... Willing 

- If your team was an animal, what would it be and why? Dung beetle. Successfully dealing with shit on a daily basis.

- What is your team motto to get you through the event? See you at the bar. 

- If your team had to survive on a desert island and it could take one piece of equipment, what would it be? A really big yacht. May as well survive in style.
  • Competition Time!

In the previous edition we asked you to send us your funniest photo from last year’s event… and the winning photo is Locky on his ‘’night out’’ in Thailand…. Congratulations on winning a signed ROC t-shirt by the participating Driver of his choice! The photo was not deemed appropriate for  publication in a serious news letter like "Keep up to Speed", but for those who wish to see it please contact Kelly via email.

In this edition we invite you to a ‘’Caption Competition’’. Simply email Kelly with what you believe Fred Thellier is saying/ thinking. The funniest comment will win a free foot massage in Bangkok…


Look forward to see you all in Bangkok soon!


The Keep Up To Speed Team


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