RX 150

RX 150

0-100 KPH 4.0 seconds
Top speed 200 kph
Power 200 bhp
Engine 1.0-litre, 4-cylinder
Weight 420 kg

Like its big brother (the Rage RX 200 Comet) the RX Racing RX 150 is a multi-surface machine that can be hurled around anything from tarmac to shale and mud. It is also powered by a motorbike engine, in this case the Honda CBR 1000 RR, but unlike its two-seater sibling, there’s only room for one. And it fits around the driver like a perfectly-formed super-fast buggy-shaped glove.


Engine 1.0-litre, 4-cylinder
Power 200 bhp
Torque 119lb/ft @ 7,800rpm
Gearbox Six-speed sequential

Running Gear

Transmission Rear-wheel drive
Suspension Unequal length double wishbone
Tyres Michelin


Length 2800 mm
Width 1800 mm
Weight 420 kg


Car RX 150

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