0-100 KPH 2.9 seconds
Top speed 190 kph
Power 357 bhp per tonne
Engine 1.1 litre, 4 cylinders
Weight 475kg

The ROC Car proved extremely popular on its Gran Canaria debut in 1999, and remains so to this day. Indeed, its rapid acceleration and predictable handling regardless of track conditions – including snow! – have proved particularly useful at twisty layouts. A perfect machine for the Race Of Champions, then...


Engine 1.1 litre, 4 cylinders
Power 357 bhp per tonne
Torque 115 Nm, 7,500 rpm
Gearbox Sequential, 6 gears

Running Gear

Transmission Rear-wheel drive
Suspension Specially made by Fast&Speed
Tyres Michelin


Length 3400 mm
Width 2000 mm
Weight 475kg

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