Live results

Name Wins Best Time
S Ogier 3 00:01:17.6130000
D Coulthard 2 00:01:16.1100000
J Whincup 1 00:01:17.6630000
S Ogier 00:01:17.6136000 Vs B Guerra 00:01:18.4051000
J Whincup 00:01:17.6635000 Vs D Coulthard 00:01:16.8300000
D Coulthard 00:01:23.4184000 Vs S Ogier 00:01:21.9990000
B Guerra 00:01:30.3107000 Vs J Whincup 00:01:22.6688000
D Coulthard 00:01:16.1106000 Vs B Guerra 00:01:16.8181000
S Ogier 00:01:17.9073000 Vs J Whincup 00:01:20.7565000
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A S Ogier v B Guerra
J Whincup v D Coulthard
D Coulthard v S Ogier
B Guerra v J Whincup
D Coulthard v B Guerra
S Ogier v J Whincup
B T Kristensen v N Cha'hawatana
A Priaulx v H Tung
H Tung v T Kristensen
N Cha'hawatana v A Priaulx
H Tung v N Cha'hawatana
T Kristensen v A Priaulx
C S Vettel v T Sritrai
J Lorenzo v M Doohan
M Doohan v S Vettel
T Sritrai v J Lorenzo
M Doohan v T Sritrai
S Vettel v J Lorenzo
D M Schumacher v R Grosjean
R Hunter-Reay v K Ohshima
K Ohshima v M Schumacher
R Grosjean v R Hunter-Reay
K Ohshima v R Grosjean
M Schumacher v R Hunter-Reay
Qtr 1 S Ogier v T Kristensen
Qtr 2 H Tung v D Coulthard
Qtr 3 S Vettel v R Grosjean
Qtr 4 M Schumacher v M Doohan
Semi 1 T Kristensen v D Coulthard
Semi 2 R Grosjean v M Schumacher
Final V T Kristensen v R Grosjean
R Grosjean v T Kristensen
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Watch live on TV

Television coverage of the 2012 Race Of Champions will be available via a range of outlets round the world, so no one should miss out on any of the stunning action at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok.

Live coverage will be broadcast on networks shown below: